The Programme

Future Leaders brings together the most promising talent across the activity sector. The programme addresses a variety of critical business issues that represent both the major internal and external factors influencing the future growth of our sector. It will engage attendees in learning and development opportunities that will provide them with new perspectives, skills and connections to progress their own personal career.

The programme incorporates a number of interactive, dynamic learning methods, including:

Case Discussions

IESE prepares a case study for each day of the programme which allows the Future Leaders to discuss relevant challenges from other industries, in selected groups, creating a forum of debate, allowing candidates to understand how to summarise issues and make decisions

Executive Challenge

Future Leaders prepare an executive challenge in advance of the programme to present to a select group of peers to gain valuable insight and feedback about how to address and develop a specific area of the company’s business plan.

100 Day Plan

Future Leaders produce a 100 day plan at the end of the programme to ensure that the valuable lessons are put into practice on return to the workplace. Each candidate writes a letter to themselves with this plan which each person receives 100 days after the programme.

One to One Coaching and 360 Degree Evaluation

To maximise their learning experience, participants will
carry out a 360-degree leadership pro le evaluation prior
to the programme. discussions, presentations and small- group learning activities. The results of the evaluation, which includes anonymous online feedback from colleagues, are discussed confidentially with coaches and provide the groundwork for a personal action plan designed to enhance managerial and leadership skills.


Several events will take place outside the classroom to enhance the academic content, including a tour of Barcelona, sports and team building activities, and networking dinners with colleagues and faculty members.